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Below are listed CDs by subject. The CDs contain multiple e-books. The number of books islisted along with the tiles of all the e-books on that disk.

Unless otherwise stated all e-books are in Adobe PDF format and require Acrobat 6.0 or higher. Most computers these days come with Acrobat already installed but you can always download the current Acrobat reader for free.

So when you read "48 books on ...." that means the CD contains 48 e-books of the titles listed on a CD-ROM disk in PDF format that almost any computer, including Windows, Macs and others, should be able to use.

If you are not happy with your purchase you can return it for a refund.

We have been selling our disks on ebay for 10 years and have over a 30,000 feedback rating, so buy with confidence.
CD's by Subject
American History
World History
American Indians
Military History
American Civil War History
Countries Histories
State Books
Collections of books on the individualUS states. Excellent resources for local research, family histories and genecology research.
State Maps
Collections of maps of the individualUS states. Excellent resources for local research, family histories and generology research.
Old medical books ranging for early medical techniques still used today to outdated practice and downright quackery. These books are great resources and belong in any library.
Old Skills (Survival Skills)
Want to know how toshoe ahorse? Make cheese the old fashioned way? Make baskets, soap orcandles? How about Blacksmithing, beekeeping, paper making, book binding or manyother"lost" skillsthen check out theseCDs.
Hobbies, Collecting, Games
Countries Histories
Countries Histories
Metaphysics, Occult, Paranormal
Countries Histories
Early Films
Countries Histories
Countries Histories
Countries Histories
Countries Histories
Countries Histories
Countries Histories
Natural History
Countries Histories
Old Photo Collections
Countries Histories
Countries Histories